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Garage Door Cable Cable Installation

Garage door cable installation should be handled by a trained professional that has experience in this area. While it may seem very simple to replace the cables that raise and lower a garage door, installation can be a complicated process that involves the springs, many tools and heights.

Garage door cable cable installation can be dangerous because it requires you to remove the tension from the garage door springs. You must also have all the tools necessary to complete the job like a wrench, vice grip, and winding bars. It also requires knowledge of the door size and replacement cables because the size of the door will determine the cable size.

If you live in the Brampton area, it’s best to leave installation to the professionals at Garage Door Repair Brampton. We have friendly team of certified technicians with years of experience replacing garage door cables.

How Cables Work

A cable is manufactured with individual metal strands twisted together to form a single cable. It needs to be able to handle the weight of a metal door. A single car garage door can be very heavy and an commercial door can weigh much more.

Because of the weight involved in the door only an experienced professional should handle cable replacement. They understand how to remove and replace the cable effectively. They understand the dynamics of the weight of the door and the tension placed on the cable. You should only work with a company that has a experience in cable replacement and installation.

A cable that needs repair can become an emergency if the door is stuck halfway up or halfway down. If it is not positioned correctly the door could collapse. It is important for you to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. Our repair techs are available 24/7 and can get your door fixed as soon as possible.